If you do not have the following documents, please call 512-451-7361 to inquire about alternative documentation.

  • Parent/guardian photo identification (such as driver-license, state i.d. card, or passport)
  • Proof of residency (such as utility bill in applicant’s name)
  • Proof of child’s age (birth certificate)
  • Proof of income*
  • If applicable, Kinship or Foster placement –legal documents
  • If applicable, SSI or TANF –award letter
  • If child has medical concerns, bring doctor verification and notes
  • If a child has a formally diagnosed or suspected disability, bring a copy of the ISFP or IEP, or a doctor’s note.

Additional Items that Might Be Useful:

  • Medicaid Card
  • Child’s Immunization Record

*Income Documentation can include:

  • Previous year income tax return (schedule C if self-employed)
  • All W-2s for previous year
  • Pay stubs for all jobs in past 12 months
  • TANF letterhead, SSI letterhead, Grants, scholarships, and award letters
  • Child support record (12 months)
  • Workers compensation
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Veterans benefits
  • Military allotment
  • Letters from employers (form available)
  • Social security benefits